Relaxation, Adventure, Fun 

Come on board the Magnificent 100 Foot Schooner  Whale’s Tale”- leave your world of worries behind on Whale’s Tale. Become enveloped by the wondrous world of tropical tranquillity on a Whale’s Tale cruise.Put your feet up and surrender to the tale’s smooth sailing, crisp clean sea air, and succulent refreshments. As you become rejuvenated, dive further into the adventure; discovering underwater paradise, strolling private sandy shores, and for a little extra motorised activities and massage.

When the sun begins to set you will return to the shores from whence you departed with revived mind and peaceful soul. Your friends will think you’re telling them a ‘Whale’s Tale’; but you are just reliving the honest escape of Whale’s Tale Fiji day cruises.



Your Private Island

Embrace Schooner Island as your own for the day

Sailing-Fiji Cruise

Award Winning!

Service with class !

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Unique Experience

A true Fijian Islander experience. Join the Fun!