Handline Fishing | Whales Tale Cruises

For those that love adventures and fishing all in one, will certainly not be able to find a sport that is so challenging as Hand line fishing. The rigging so to speak is nothing more than the device that holds the line and your own hands. You will be thrilled as you catch as your first fish off the coast of Schooner Island. We take pride in providing the best tools and guides to help you meet the challenge of hand line fishing.

The entire family will enjoy this great way to catch fish without all the hard work of trying to figure out which rod and reel to use to land the big one. Simple and fun for the whole family is what hand line fishing is all about.

Scuba Diving | Whales Tale Cruises

Scuba diving is a wonderful and exciting way to introduce your children to the wonders under the sea. As a matter of fact, as long your children are at least 10 years of age, they can go scuba diving with you, while for those over the age of 12 can go with one of our dive instructors or dive masters as long as they have parents permission.

Our dive operation is located on Schooner Island. Our scuba diving cruises will take you to places that will astound you and allow you to see the beauty under the sea like never before including coral, fish, and other animal and plant life that call the area home.

Scuba diving is an add-on for those that would like to enjoy the experience. There is a small fee for this service .

Snorkeling | Whales Tale Cruises

If you have ever wanted to explore the world underwater, then there is no better place than taking one of our snorkeling cruises. We take you away from Schooner Island so you can truly see what lies beneath instead of just the animals that call the coastline home. We take in several different locations that will allow you and your family the opportunity to find an array of various animals that live in the sea.

All day time snorkeling trips will be served lunch once we return to the resort.

Beach Volleyball | Whales Tale Cruises

Known as one of the world’s most famous action games you get to play beach volleyball on one of the most beautiful islands – Schooner Island. Come join any team and see if you can meet the challenges that beach volleyball has to offer. If the idea sounds like fun,you should come and let the entire family live it up on the beach with a challenging game or two.

The beach on Schooner Island is the perfect place that offers mild weather, warm soft sand, and a cool ocean breeze – the perfect spot for beach volleyball.

Fish Feeding | Whales Tale Cruises

We all love taking our kids to petting zoos on land. How about taking them to Schooner Island where they can actually feed all kinds of Fijian tropical fish. The kids will love seeing the various types of fish come right up to eat as they feed them. What better way to truly give your children and your family an exciting adventure that will ensure memories for years to come.

The thrill of seeing tropical fish up close whether at the resort or for those that desire more excitement can entertain the action found with dive feeding. Of course, this may be a bit too much

for smaller children but teenagers and adults will certainly love the thrill.

Massage | Whales Tale Cruises

Tropical paradise and a relaxing massage, just go hand in hand. When we are on vacation we love to be pampered as well as look our best. With massage and beauty treatments available you are sure to not only like the relaxation after a thrilling scuba diving tour but just to give yourself some pampering time. Now, that is what a vacation is all about the rejuvenation and healing that is found with massage.

On Schooner Island there are local ladies that specialize in healing massage and beauty treatments that you are sure not to find anywhere else but in the tropics.

Massage is an add on service that does require a small fee.

Kava Tasting | Whales Tale Cruises

You may never have even heard of Kava or what you have heard has left you wondering what this drink really does. The truth is Kava is a drink that helps relieve pain, anxiety and stress to help you have overall well-being. It is a sedative drink that has been used for centuries to aid those that have trouble sleeping; however it can also be used just to relieve pain and stress.

On Schooner Island you will be offered a low tide kava,which is a half a bowl or a high tide,which is a full bowl. Most women prefer the low tide. Kava may not be to your liking taste-wise, but the effects and benefits are well worth at least a low tide.